Thursday, April 12, 2012


Even though the furnace stopped working, the new wheels freaked me out with the "Service Engine Soon" light turned on for a few days, almost passing out and barfing at work, card information being stolen and having to cancel all my cards right as I had sent through payments for bills such as the power and gas... and worst of all, not having the most loving man by my side.....
Thankful for a home, a bed to sleep in, food in the fridge, overloading drawers full of clothes, a stupid big screen tv to watch movies on, one million movies to watch, the sweetest little doggy who acts like I've been gone for five years every time I come home, electronics, the Internet to FaceTime my sweet sweet husband, RUNNING HOT WATER to take a HOT bath in when I feel like crap.... Oh how the list goes on.
NEVER lose sight of what is right in front of you.

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