Tuesday, January 31, 2012

early valentines for him.

so i decided to give Asher an early valentines since he is leaving soon..:'(
i gave him a present to open every hour, starting at 8/27am..{the date we were married for time and all eternity xoxo}..then 9/27am etc. etc. and ending at 8/27pm.
it was so much fun, and i couldn't wait for him to open each one! some were silly, some were things he needs and the last the best of all the game, something crazy!!...not really...but it was something he wanted...a router. i know, i know you can't hold in all your excitement! :P but it was one from his one and only store...Apple. his obsession.
i just loved this idea! i kind of wished he was going to work and i could send him to work with a big bag of presents!! i will probably do this again..maybe for an anniversary :]

oops! i almost forgot the homemade card! <3
good luck bestest friend!! you'll be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
i love you!

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